High School Baseball Player Pees On The Field–During The National Anthem

05.17.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Lobster Dog can hit for power, but can't field to save his life.

A Virginia high school baseball player caused a ruckus when he peed on the baseball field during the national anthem. On a dare. He’s lucky; they probably would have killed him if he had done that in Yankee Stadium. I’m sure the school district will go out of their way now to explain that the kid did nothing that he would consider unpatriotic.

“We want to make this very clear, this kid did nothing that he considered unpatriotic,” Wise County Schools Superintendent Jeff Perry said. “It was a stupid mistake; he has accepted responsibility. And that, coupled with the fact that he has had a very good record in the past – he’s going to pay for it, but we don’t have to behead him, we don’t have to crucify him.”

Yet a half a dozen sources in Big Stone Gap, who asked that their names not be published, named Jacob Huff [as the culprit], a football star and “all-around good kid from a good family.” According to the team’s on-line roster, the sophomore is a varsity pitcher and outfielder. He’s a celebrated quarterback on the football team, according to accounts in sports pages across the Tri-Cities, and his father is listed on the Powell Valley High School’s website as a coach and physical education teacher.–Bristol Herald Courier., via Prep Insiders.

The kid will probably wind up with a slap on the wrist, surely in part because his dad actually works at the school. It always blows my mind how teachers with kids are interested in disciplining everyone else’s kids except their own. What kind of token punishment will this kid receive? Thought you’d never ask.

[One suggestion for] proper punishment for urinating on the field during the National Anthem. He suggested a public apology, then an assignment to research patriotism, which should be presented to the school.

It’s true that fields at the high school level don’t get the same amount of water as the pros. But how could you get caught taking a whiz during the anthem? The players are facing the field and everyone’s looking at the flag. The least he could have done was done his business in foul territory. But not on the line…because that’s bad luck or something.

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