A High School Basketball Player Made A Layup With His Head

Scoring with your head in sports is rather rare. Sure, it happens all the time in soccer; but for the most part, you never see athletes literally use their noggin to rack up points/runs/goals in any other sport.

A high school basketball player decided to try to use his head to score two points, and it ended up working. Ok, well, maybe he didn’t try to use his head, but that’s what accidentally happened. The player was standing by himself on the block, and if his teammate threw a more timely pass, he probably could have caught the ball, gathered himself easily, and laid it up for two points.

However, the ball handler didn’t see that his teammate was all alone down low right away, so he had to rifle a pass to the block to get it to him before a defender rotated over. The issue – another teammate was cutting to the rim while this was happening, and that teammate altered the flight of the ball by getting a hand on it. This meant that our hero on the low block wasn’t able to react in time, so the ball hit him square in the face.

By some miracle, his head was in a perfect position so that when the ball hit him, it kept rising and lazily went through the hoop. This only went down as two points on the scoreboard but it absolutely deserves to be worth, like, four points at least.

(via SB Nation)