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UPDATE: Even though I haven't heard from any lawyers or police, I wasn't entirely comfortable with that image on the site.  You can see the fairly SFW photo here.

Two assistant coaches were fired at Goshen (OHIO!) High School after the picture above — sans smiley faces — surfaced on the Internet.  An assistant football coach hosted a party that provided alcohol to minors, where the assistant cheerleading coach (left) posed for a topless photo with a 15-year-old freshman on her squad. 

[Superintendent Charlene] Thomas says the school board today fired 19-year-old assistant coach Andrew Emerson for hosting a party and 19-year-old freshman cheerleader coach Victoria Schattauer for allegedly providing alcohol to a freshman at the party.

Um, I'm not sure who hired a couple of 19-year-olds to be in charge of high school kids, but I'm pretty positive they were never 19.  Just about every 19-year-old I've ever known has two purposes in life: getting drunk, and getting other people drunk so they can sleep with them.  Not exactly the kind of people you want in charge of 15-year-old girls in full bloom.  You need someone more mature and refined.  Someone who's lived a little.  Someone who's served his country with honor, and now runs a sports blog.  Sleep well, America: your 15-year-old cheerleaders are safe in my care.

Big ups to meaty tipster Dominic, and also to the fine folks at the Daily B.S., who have the NSFW nippleriffic uncensored photo here.

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