This Crazy Hook-And-Lateral Play In A High School Game Actually Worked

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Real talk: This is a poorly designed play. It shouldn’t have worked. The fact that it did work is more of an indictment on the defensive team’s poor tackling and field awareness than it was a product of the mad genius who designed it.

The play simply takes too long to develop. A hook and lateral with another lateral to the QB who throws the ball 30 yards across the field to a receiver like it’s the Music City Miracle. What in the Sam Hell is going on? The defender highlighted here could have (and should have) returned this in the other direction for a touchdown.

Alas, he waits too long, makes a shoddy attempt at a tackle and lets the receiver dance like Fred Astaire through the rest of the secondary.

The only thing this play is missing is the nun from Game of Thrones shaming the defense.

The receiver on the play, Tyrese Mack of Heritage High School in California, finished with 198 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns in a 50-28 victory over Berkeley. He’s pretty good. I hope when he scores touchdowns, they play “Return of the Mack.” I’m sorry, that was both a bad joke and a call back to an otherwise terrible song.


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