A High School Team Used The Mannequin Challenge On A Successful Two-Point Conversion

If it hasn’t gotten there yet, the Mannequin Challenge is approaching that point where it’s getting really played out. That means if, say, you want to use it on the football field, you have to do it soon or else it won’t be relevant anymore.

Del Oro High School in California decided to use the Mannequin Challenge to its advantage before the entire thing becomes irrelevant. As a result, the team successfully converted a two-point conversion against Antelope High School. Whatever your thoughts on the Mannequin Challenge are, it was glorious.

Everyone on the field for Del Oro came together after scoring a touchdown and just stood frozen in place. All of the dudes in Antelope uniforms were confused, because of course, which Del Oro used to its advantage. The offensive team then scrambled around and lined up in a formation for a trick play, which left the defense flustered. Just as it looked like Del Oro was going to do something silly, its quarterback realized it had a numbers advantage over the ball and just called for a direct snap to the running back, who scampered into the end zone.

Really, the impressive part of this play came when the offense ran a trick play and the use of the Mannequin Challenge was slightly unnecessary. But hey, it all worked out, so good on Del Oro. Just make sure the next time you Mannequin Challenge that “Black Beatles” is playing and it doesn’t have to be added in the post-production process.

(Via SB Nation)