Watch How This High School Kicker Hit A 51-Yard Field Goal Without A Holder

So, kickers aren’t people you say? They’re sub-human? They’re not real football players? They don’t practice the same as everyone else? They don’t have feelings, hopes, dreams and fears? What’s that about kickers where no one knows their name until they make the game-winning kick? What’s that, now? If a kicker misses that game-winner, they’re a bum?

Okay, well, all of that is still true, but here’s a high school kid hitting a 51-yard field goal with no holder. The kick is great and all, but for real, that kid needs to start charging to teach people how to spin the ball like that. That’s a certifiable skill, like becoming an auto mechanic or electrician or something. We’ve covered #highschoolkickers in the past, but this really puts that niche on to the map.

What we’re trying to say is this kid should immediately be offered a scholarship by Alabama because Lord knows the Tide need a reliable place kicker. They wouldn’t even need a holder, either. Nick Saban could just trot that guy out on to the field and let him make a mockery of every team on the schedule. There’s definitely a Lou Groza award in this guy’s future.

(Via Hubert McGinty)