This Golf Trick Shot Will Make You Feel Awful About Your Lousy Golf Game

Senior Writer

The folks behind the YouTube account “59 Player” are responsible for some of the most impressive golf trick shots that you’ll find anywhere on the Internet, short of PornHub, but what’s happening with those golf balls should not be shown to anyone under the age of 18. But none of 59 Player’s videos have blown up quite like the one that they posted two weeks ago, as it featured two teenagers pulling off a hell of a shot at a driving range. The perfect combination of timing and skill allowed Zachary and Eric to execute their alley-oop drive, which made me want to go into my garage and use all sorts of tools and fire to destroy that driver that I can barely f*cking use the right way, despite its “unparalleled technology” OH GOD I HATE YOU, GOLF.

More than 780,000 views later, Zachary and Eric are full-blown YouTube stars, as their trick shot clip has shown up on websites everywhere and even CNN, where it made these hosts LITERALLY EXPLODE with astonishment.

Correction: I am told that these people did not literally explode. Also, these two high school juniors did not, in fact, blow up the Internet. I hope that, in time, they can forgive the U.S. government for locking them up and torturing them over such accusations. In the meantime, you’re on the clock, slow motion golf ball juggling guy.

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