This Sick Spin-O-Rama Made A High School Hockey Player An Overtime Playoff Hero

02.29.16 3 years ago

Minnesota’s 4AA high-school hockey tournament featured an awesome moment on Friday night when Noah Cates of Stillwater High scored an awesome game-winning goal to secure his team a spot in the Class AA state championship.

During overtime of a scoreless game, Cates showcased a fantastic individual effort as he managed to get around a Hill-Murray defender with a sweet spin-o-rama move before tucking the puck past the goaltender for the winning goal.

As awesome as the goal was, the best part of the highlight may be the immediate aftermath. Cates’ heroics sent the packed crowd into an absolute frenzy, and Stillwater’s entire team hopped onto the boards to celebrate with their fans. The scene was pretty nuts, and it’s a pretty strong testament to how much high-school hockey (and hockey, in general) means to the people of Minnesota.

(Via Deadspin)

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