Watch This High School Pitcher Casually Make A Barehanded Catch On A Screaming Line Drive

For a pitcher in baseball, screaming line drives hit right back in your direction are pretty much a nightmare. Sometimes, though, that nightmare can have a remarkable conclusion, as evidenced by this example from a recent high school baseball game in Ohio.

That’s Canal Winchester junior pitcher Austin Trace using his bare hand to snag a rocket off the bat of an opposing player, recording one of the most badass outs you’ll ever see on the diamond. Not only did Trace make the insane grab with his pitching hand, he also had almost no reaction to his highlight play — at least from what we’ve seen on video — which just doubles down on the badassery. If we want to go for the triple play, this is how he played it off on Twitter:

Jeez, kid…have a little humility!

Sure, the play was probably 99 percent instinct and/or luck. Sure, he’s probably better off not trying that again in his life for the sake of his pitching career. Sure, that thing probably stung like a mother once the adrenaline wore off.

But none of that really matters because the glory is forever (or at least until high school graduation) and this kid has automatically locked up the most kickass highlight of the season.

(Via USA Today High School Sports)