High School Track Team Is Clever

11.04.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

What started as a celebration of teen spirit for one Massachusetts high school has turned into the biggest high school track and field promotional sweater scandal in the history of mankind. Boosters at Wakefield High School awarded the track team with sweatshirts representing Wakefield Track and Field, and the design was quite simple – WTF. While it’s not clear if the students planned this little act of ha-ha, I think it’s safe to assume that the kids planned it.

As always, parents eventually caught on – presumably after the evening news told them how Internet acronyms are killing their children – and now the kids aren’t allowed to wear their spirited sweatshirts, ultimately leading to their response – WTF? School officials say that the use of the phrase misrepresents the students, and they will go with the backup suggestion, “420-4EVR”.

Shake your ham fists in rage at those damn kids, UPI.com:

The shirts, handed out by the Wakefield Track and Field team’s boosters organization after the last season, are causing controversy with parents and officials due to the initials, WTF, also representing a popular colloquialism for Internet chatting and text messaging containing a vulgar term, WCVB-TV, Boston, reported Tuesday.

Superintendent Joan Landers said she was unaware of the double meaning behind the initials and the phrase is not the way she wants students represented.

It’s just disgraceful how terrible today’s children are behaving. I mean, in what generation have we ever heard such nonsense of teenagers pulling a fast one on adults? We never would have pulled such a stunt at my high school, St. Thomas-Ft. Union. Nor would we have done this at either of my colleges, Texas Institute of Theological Sciences or the Georgia Technological Forensics Organization.

But seriously, how about we lighten up a little bit and consider two things – 1) Wakefield Track & Field is actually WTF; and B) Merchandising. Throw some t-shirts on the Internet and I guarantee within a few weeks Wakefield will have brand new, top-of-the-line equipment paid for in full. Maybe even get Allison Stokke to model it. Pretty please?

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