High Schooler With Down Syndrome Rushes For 75 More Yards Than Peyton Hillis

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.08.11 5 Comments

By way of Prep Rally comes the most inspirational thing you’re going to see today, and a great counterpoint to yesterday’s collarbone-breaking child abuse. What you need to know, via WPDE News (YouTube) Channel 15:

The Myrtle Beach Seahawks scored a convincing 64-16 win over Hilton Head in the first round of the class 3A playoffs. On the final play of the game, Hilton Head’s Chip Mullen, a senior with Down Syndrome, scored on a 75 yard touchdown run on the final play of his high school career. Myrtle Beach joined the Hilton Head players in the end zone to celebrate Mullen’s score.

It starts with a great “oh, oh no!” moment where you think the kid’s gonna run in the wrong direction, but once he starts booking you get that swelling in the heart, forget about how they’re losing by 48 points and just let the okay parts of your humanity take over. According to the Prep Rally report Mullen is the life of his school, leads the team’s pre-game huddles and had already scored once this season … and you know what? That’s more than what I got out of high school. I was just fat and mad at everything. Chip seems like an awesome guy, and at the risk of losing my snarky blogger card forever, I’m happy that the teams worked together to give him something like this. And hey, at no point did a grown-up in a tiny football helmet run in and shatter his bones, so that’s a plus.

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