This High School Wrestler Was Forced To Cut Off His Dreadlocks Or Forfeit A Match

12.21.18 7 months ago

@MikeFrankelSNJ on Twitter

A high school wrestler was forced to have his dreadlocks cut off to avoid a forfeit in a New Jersey high school tournament. The story may be one of team unity or a racially-charged incident where a teenager was unfairly targeted by a referee with a troubled history of racism.

Buena Regional High School had a meet with Oakcrest High on Wednesday, and wrestler Andrew Johnson had his hair covered before his 120-pound match against an Oakcrest opponent. But the referee, Alan Maloney, said that Johnson’s hair would not work. According to SNH Today, Johnson was given an ultimatum: Either he had to cut his hair or forfeit.

The journalist who captured footage of Johnson getting his dreadlocks frantically cut off called him a “team player,” but many pointed out that the referee who made him ruin his haircut has a history of trouble.

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