This Video Proves That High-Speed Golf Is The Best Type Of Golf

A few of the most common criticisms surrounding the game of golf is that it’s too slow and too boring to watch. If you subscribe to that belief, the video above may be more your speed.

In it, four-man teams from Spain, France and Denmark attempt to break the Guinness World Record for fast hole of golf completed by a team of four. It involves a relay race of sorts, one that brings pure chaos and adrenaline to the links. It’s the cocaine version of golf, and it’s wildly entertaining.

Can we talk about how insane the first team’s performance was? They played the hole about as perfectly as one could hope to imagine. As someone who struggles to play the game myself, it was almost infuriating to watch. Usually I’ll spend an entire round hoping to hit a half-decent shot, yet here are these guys literally sprinting up to golf balls before delivering a perfect approach shot onto the green from about 200 yards away. GOLF ISN’T THAT EASY, YOU A-HOLES!

But we can all agree that this should be a thing from now on, right? Well, I mean for pros, not for people like you and me. It’s hard to drink beers when you’re forced to play that fast or run that much. But the PGA Tour should definitely have some sort of “All-Star Break” that features crazy-ass events like this. Make Golf Fun Again, people.

(Via Deadspin)