Hill Meat Blues

04.12.10 9 years ago

Thousands of years ago, all of the wizards and the dinosaurs of the land came together in fellowship and created a place where citizens could find the best sports links around. That place came to be known as the Morning Meat. Send tips in to WithLeather-Tips@Uproxx.com. Follow WL and Josh on Twitter.

SITE NEWS: Weed, Shane and Ape will return tomorrow and Wednesday.

  • Here’s another great example of how not to dunk.

    Double Viking.

  • Here’s a “Madden” simulation that we can all appreciate. It’s satire, people.

    Sports Pickle.

  • Here’s an NFL Mock Draft to whet your whistle. Is it “whet” or “wet?” Pretty sure it’s the former.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Soccer moms don’t like it when you talk about their boobs, not that that would stop them from posting pics on MySpace. In other news, people still use MySpace.


  • Parrots make everyone more badass. It’s now a proven fact.


  • Here’s a fun headline that we only wish had come to fruition.

    Best Week Ever.

  • A solid effort on another Tiger Woods Nike ad spoof.

    The Wade Blogs [Youtube].

  • Don’t ask me how I found this page about the history of nudity in video games. “Custer’s Revenge” is conspicuous by its absence.

    Senseless Self-Indulgence [NSFW]

  • Kim Kardashian shows off her good side.


  • What the hell ever happened to Phoebe Cates?


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