Hippies Protesting New LA Stadiums

06.29.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

After a recently proposed 75,000-seat stadium was approved by state legislature to be built in the City of Industry, environmental groups in California are protesting another proposed NFL stadium that would be constructed right next to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Both stadiums, however, will provide a great boost for the local economy as scores of fans will flock to watch all zero professional football teams in LA.

The City of Industry stadium was approved after lawmakers waived certain environmental obligations for the builders, causing major concerns that the same would happen for the downtown LA stadium. These groups have sent a letter to the same lawmakers, demanding that they investigate the stadium’s impact on traffic, noise and air pollution, to which the lawmakers responded, “Any of you ever been to Los Angeles before?”

Put a daisy in my rifle, LA Times:

“We cannot allow wealthy developers to buy their way into exemptions from state environmental laws,” said David Pettit, senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “The entire point of our laws is to ensure that a project won’t do more harm than good to our environment.”

Pettit’s group joined Sierra Club California, the Planning and Conservation League and others in sending a letter to lawmakers last week raising their objections.

Legislation for the waiver of environmental laws hasn’t even been proposed yet, but the groups are trying to get a head start because they anticipate it happening. Essentially, this seems like an awful lot of effort by a couple billionaires to build two stadiums, and even more effort by tree huggers to make sure they’re built right, while nobody has mentioned who is actually going to play in either of these stadiums.

The NFL has not approved an expansion team for LA, nor has Jacksonville or St. Louis hit rock bottom enough yet to actually relocate. However, the urgency to build these stadiums means that the wheels are in motion. And that’s great news for whichever city a LA franchise would move to in five years.

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