Hispanic Quarterback Finds Prosperity In South Florida

09.27.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

New York Jets Mark Sanchez threw for three touchdown passes as his team won on the road in a close Sunday night game against the Tennessee Volunteers Miami Dolphins, 31-23. Sanchez’ exploits, which coincided with the league’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, were overshadowed by the stellar play of Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall and the return of Jets receiver Braylon Edwards, who racked up 87 yards and a TD to compliment the 0.16 BAC he scored two weeks ago.

“He worked so hard all week long,” Sanchez said. “As soon as he stepped in the building, he let everything outside the building go. … We loved him all week long, just the same as before the incident, and we’ll continue doing the same thing.”[..]

“I really am glad that I have teammates and an organization like the Jets,” Edwards said. “They’ve been very supportive, been there for me and they’ve allowed me to have a better week than maybe somewhere else.” –Y! Sports.

I don’t know exactly how one “celebrates” Hispanic Heritage Month in a way that doesn’t come off as racially patronizing. Should I hang up a piñata and beat it while wearing a sombrero? Should I high-five my landscaping neighbors as all 15 team of them parade, clown-car-style, out of their one-bedroom apartment? Help me out here, people. I’M TRYING TO COMMEMORATE DIVERSITY!

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