11.07.06 12 years ago 7 Comments

So, it's the state soccer playoffs, and you need to get pumped up for the game. Some people like a little Rage Against the Machine, or maybe some DMX back before he was a joke, but not Forestview High School. Because what have those musical acts ever accomplished? Have they even tried world domination or genocide? I think not. That's why they went with the good ol' Hitler speech.

"We were warming up," said [Charlotte] Catholic coach Gary Hoilett, "and all of us stopped and looked up at the booth. We were just real shocked. It was obviously a Hitler speech. The voice was coming across clearly. Everybody knew."

Thankfully, Forestview Principal Robert Carpenter took care of business and faxed a letter of apology to Charlotte Catholic officials that addressed the Hitler speech (but not the racial epithets levied at Hoilett's black players). So that should make everything cool, right? Well, maybe not. Apparently Hoilett and concerned Catholic parents have called the letter "lame" and have demanded that Forestview, which won the game, be forced to forfeit its next game in the state tournament.

Sheesh. I mean, Principal Carpenter faxed them an apology. What more do they want? A text message claiming it was an "error in judgment"? They probably want him to shave the toothbrush mustache, too. Dicks.

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