09.25.07 10 years ago 19 Comments

I'm not sure if ESPN covered this event last weekend, but my friend Dogtown Surfer spent part of his Sunday used the power of malt liquor and cash rewards to make homeless people run around for his amusement.  He called it the Hobo 500:

I thought to myself: why not have them race their carriages around the parking lot down at the pier? It would be good exercise for them and given enough alcohol it should almost certainly be entertaining if not dangerous…..hell yes, let's do it. […]

As they get ready to make the turn Kenny has pulled out to a substantial lead with 2nd and 3rd place still running side by side. Notice the tourists wondering what the fuck is going on with these 3 homeless guys running full bore at them, each pushing a baby carriage full of rags, beer cans and dirty sleeping bags.

The entire story is chock-full of hobo pictures and highly recommended.  Naturally, I applaud Dogtown Surfer's initiative to make the homeless be of some kind of use, and if you need any ideas for next time… two words: blood sport.  Think of it like dog fighting, but more beneficial to society.

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