04.10.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

This amazing hockey fight between Scott Niedermayer ("Niedermayer!") and some ugly chick named Valeri happened like a month ago, but I just saw it on the Postmen, and there are some important lessons to be learned here:

  1. Ladies, remember: your sweater is a weapon. Take it off when you're in peril.  Or any time, really.

Actually, I guess that's the only lesson I came up with.  But it's still a good learning point for the three women who read this blog (well, two: I don't count my mom).  Anyway, gals, it's important that you make that a conditioned response to danger, so start taking your shirts off.  You need to ingrain that in your muscle memory if you want to survive.

(Oh man, if this works I'm a genius– wait. Did I just type that out loud?)

UPDATE: A couple months old, five years old.  Pretty much the same thing. 

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