Hockey Fighting’s Final Smash

When you start this clip, everything seems to be going fine. A Progressive Field-sized crowd has gathered to watch some amateur hockey. Now, jump to the :30 second mark and be prepared to see the most Slap Shot and/or Happy Gilmore thing you have ever seen in real life. Tired of hockey fights where guys slip around and hold each other by the shirt? This is for you.

The YouTube video itself provides very little context, with the title “Geste stupide au hockey” or “stupid gesture with hockey.” It should be called “Geste impressionnant au hockey,” because a guy whipping out a Blazing Sword and slicing his opponent in half to defend the universe (in this case, a local skating rink) is pretty awesome. Really the only way it could’ve been better is if the recipient had his helmet crack down the middle and fall off, with intestines and bugs falling out of it like he’d been killed in Vampire Hunter D.

For bonus laughs, watch the video on YouTube and read the comments. You’ve never seen so many people call each other pussies in French.