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“The job ain’t glamorous or nothin’, but I get to keep whatever’s thrown on the ice.”

A pro hockey game in Sweden was delayed briefly when fans of Stockholm-based AIK littered the ice with dildos to taunt Leksand star Jan Huokko.  Earlier this year, Huokko’s phone had been stolen, and an explicit video clip of him and his girlfriend circulated around Sweden’s part of the Internet.

AIK fans also unfurled a banner reading “Bend over bitch!”, which was accompanied by a giant inflatable penis. Vulgar chants directed at Huokko continued throughout the match, which Leksand ended up losing 3-2.

AIK club management was aware of their fans’ plans for knocking Huokko off his game, but elected not to intervene. “We’d also heard mention of it, but we decided that it would only be worse if we went out and told the fans they were absolutely not allowed to throw dildos on the ice,” said AIK club head Mats Hedenström to the newspaper.

“I’m not saying you can’t throw dildos on the ice, but I’m not not saying it, either.  And I’d like to add a couple of less than subtle winks, just in case it’s not clear that I want fans to throw dildos on the ice.”

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