A Goalie Scored A Brutal One-Punch Knockout Against His Fellow Goalie

Do you even need the context of this fight? It’s a hockey goalie one-punching another goalie in a fight.

Here’s a vertical version of the fight that is a little longer but is a vertically shot video, so it’s a bit of wash.

Fine, if you want context so you can tell yourself you want to learn more about this and feel less like a primitive cave person, here’s the story.

This is the ECHL, which is the minor league that’s below the minor league that’s below the NHL. Quad City Mallards goaltender Adam Vay was messing around with a Cincinnati Cyclones player after a hit when Cyclones goaltender Michael Houser joined the fray. Houser delivered the KO punch and in classic hockey style, immediately stopped throwing punches and checked to see if Vay was OK after he possibly concussed him with a bare-knuckle punch in 2017.

That’s the most hockey thing ever. You don’t see guys in World Star videos destroying someone then immediately saying sorry and helping the guy back up. They’re usually doing a victory lap while people scream in the background. I wouldn’t be surprised if Houser bought Vay dinner afterwards to show his contrition.

It doesn’t matter who won or lost the game. Two goalies fought.

(patrick on Twitter)

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