02.08.07 11 years ago 16 Comments

Of all the places to have the toughest hockey league in the world, I would not have guessed that it would be in French Canadia. Odd Man Rush alerts us to the badassery going on in Quebec, where the LNAH — it's a French acronym for North American Hockey League — is attracting fans by kicking ass. Says one former LNAH player turned coach:

"I cannot be the only guy thinking the NHL right now isn't very good… It's basketball on skates. It's a chess match. If you touch somebody, the piece falls over and you're in the penalty box. Here, this is lunch-pail hockey. You have to have courage, guts, balls to play here. It's hard-fought from the front line to the fourth."

Fucking lunch-pail hockey, man. I may have to get up to Montreal and its environs to check out scenes like this YouTube (or this one, where the goalies meet and talk at center ice because everyone else is fighting). 

Bonus side trip: strip clubs in Montreal are très exotique.

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