12.04.07 10 years ago 22 Comments

Sean Avery is best known in not-caring-about-hockey circles as the first man in history to get turned down by Paris Hilton (after he was dumped by Elisha Cuthbert).  And now he can add getting turned away from chic Manhattan night clubs to his list of life achievements.

The Rangers celebrated their 5-2 victory over the Senators Saturday night at Bungalow 8, where injured forward Sean Avery showed up with a sling on one hand and black nail polish on the other. The Blueshirts had originally hit up Buddha Bar but were denied entrance. "F- this place! We're never coming here again!" screamed the Rangers' flack when the bouncer said he didn't know or care who the hometown heroes were.

Oh no, Buddha Bar lost the Rangers' business.  However will it recover from such a PR nightmare?  Why, without support from the MSG ownership, how is a night club supposed to get a reputation for misogynistic clientele and sexual harassment?  So ladies, I guess if you don't want to get date-raped, head to Buddha Bar with all the other lameasses.  I'll be groping freely at Bungalow 8 with all the Knicks and Rangers.  Winner: Bungalow 8.

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