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The Anaheim Ducks just discovered they have a small fan base:

The Anaheim Ducks had their moment in the Southern California spotlight. Because of Paris Hilton, that's pretty much all it was — a moment.  Hilton's release from jail early Thursday subjugated the Ducks to afterthought status just hours after they reached the pinnacle of their sport — winning the Stanley Cup.

Hockey relegated to afterthought status?  I don't believe it.  In fact, the Ducks are lucky such a major newsworthy event wrested public attention away from their triumph.  Any of these other SoCal happenings could have supplanted hockey's greatest flock: GAS PRICES CONTINUE TO RISE, SMOG ALERT TODAY, J.C. PENNEY TWO-DAY SALE.

"I live right there and I didn't even know they were playing. That's sad," said Sherrie Robertson, a 34-year-old housewife lined up for the $6 early-bird special at the All-Cloth Anaheim West Car Wash on Thursday. "Southern California and ice, they just don't mix, do they?"

Hockey's unpopularity might be the least sad thing going on there. You know what else doesn't mix?  Sexiness and early-bird specials. -KD

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