Hockey Parents Continue To Be The Worst People Alive

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03.25.13 17 Comments

While it’s no secret that parents of children who play sports may be the worst people in the history of this world or any other, those involved with youth hockey have been making a considerable push as of late to secure the title of Absolute Supreme Biggest A-Holes Parents Ever. First, there was that hockey coach who was recently jailed for tripping a 13-year old during the postgame handshakes, and then there was the dad who heckled a kid and threatened other parents in the stands, all while holding his youngest child.

Now, via Fark, comes a video of even more hockey parents starting fights at a game, this time during something called the Bantam C OMHA finals between Six Nations and Tweed on Saturday. My apologies if that’s incorrect, but none of what you’re about to read makes any sense to me.

On the video you see Six Nations parent calling on Tweed people for a fight, then you see group of Six Nations parents going over to do just that. You can hear the Six Nations man threatening me as he walks by me cuz I am videoing it and saying Tweed people are ‘Gonna fuckin get it’ when they come to their arena tomorrow. Tweed parent steps in to pull Six Nations person off Tweed teenager as he is pounding him and Tweed parent gets grabbed and punched from behind by Six Nations man. Then the last woman u see on the tape was another Six Nations woman …she tried to break my camera, snap the view lens off and also tried to take MY camera from me. Excuse me….that is MY property, not yours…and she didnt get my camera.

See? Not everything about this story is awful.

Six Nations was up 2-0 in series until this game, Tweed beat them 3-1. Now Tweed has to go to Six Nations arena to play today. My son doesn’t play for either Tweed or Six Nations and we were only there as a spectators and to support Tweed and have never been so disgusted with the confrontational aggressive behaviour and certainly not by Tweed. My sons team played Tweed in their loop this year and there was NOTHING like this, never seen anything like it before in my life. Just before this fight in the stands broke out there was a huge brawl on the ice. Is this what minor hockey has come to?? Really??? Shameful ! Police were there and the Tweed parent who tried to break it up and was grabbed from behind and sucker punched in the face by Six Nations parent was asked to leave arena?? WHAT??? Think the police got THAT wrong…it should NOThave been Tweed parent asked to leave….not at all…… I sincerely hope that nothing happens at the game today.

From the perspective of the video and its description, it seems like the Six Nations parents are the antagonists, but then reading into the cess pool of comments on the video, there are also people claiming that the Tweed fans started the fight by yelling racial slurs at the Six Nations fans.

Either way, I think the only solution to this entire ordeal is making parents take tests to prove that they can behave at youth sporting events. The exams consist of just one question: “Are you an assh*le?” And if the parent flies off the handle and tries to pick a fight, he’s not allowed to attend the game. If he calmly says, “No”, he’s also not allowed to attend games because he’s lying.

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