01.18.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Add Patrice Cormier to the list of people in hockey that I’d happily toss down a well. Cormier, a New Jersey Devils draftee playing in the Canadian Major Juniors system (it’s like a minor-league alternative for college-aged players) threw an elbow into the face of Mikael Tam.

Following the hit, Tam was convulsing on the ice before being taken off on a stretcher. Tam suffered trauma to the skull and brain and lost many teeth. He is now in stable condition in hospital and will remain under observation for at least two days.

Following the game, Remparts head coach Patrick Roy filed a complaint with the Quebec Provincial Police. –Hockey WebCast.

So yeah, there’s the video if you want to see someone convulsing on the ice. And I wouldn’t feel so inclined to call it a cheap shot if Cormier hadn’t done almost the exact same thing in an international game four weeks ago. So yeah, I’m rooting for this guy to fall under a Zamboni. Just a little bit. Thanks, Röbert.

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