A Hockey Player Got Suspended, Then Fired For Trying To Gouge Out His Opponent’s Eyeballs

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10.09.13 4 Comments

So this is pretty horrifying.

Derek Campbell of the Elite Ice Hockey League’s Hull Stingrays was hit against the boards by a Dundee Stars player — you know, because they were playing a hockey game — and his reaction was to FLIP THE HELL OUT, try to crush the Stars player’s head and then tear out his eyeballs. Yep. Campbell got hit with a 47-game ban for the attack, and then after a hot minute his team went, “yeah, no,” and just released him.

Here’s a breakdown of the penalties involved for attempted murder, and a stunning 240p video of the assault.

From the YouTube description:

As you can see in the video, Campbell was pissed after getting smushed behind the net. He was immediately ejected from the game for excessive rough play. Campbell’s 47-game suspension adds up as 12 10 for a knee to the head, 12 for eye-gouging—apparently, there’s a specific violation for that—and 10 for excessive force to the head. The other 15 games comes fighting in a separate incident off of the ice.

The funniest part is “as you can see in the video,” because it was recorded with a can opener and uploaded with an abacus so you can’t see anything.

If you couldn’t see the eye gouge, here it is from another angle:


[h/t to Reddit for the clip. H/t to Danny Boyle for the alternate angle.]

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