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Four hockey players from Colorado College have been reprimanded, suspended for two weeks, and placed on disciplinary probation for their turn at a team event in which the offending parties donned wigs and blackface.  Yes, it's 2007, and there are still some people who don't understand that wearing makeup to look like a black person is bad. 

The incident occurred at the team’s annual preseason golf outing on Sept. 8 at Valley Hi Golf Course. 

The players divided themselves into groups and, in conjunction with this year’s theme of TV shows, picked a show to represent. Groups chose “Baywatch,” “Entourage,” “WWE,” “Scrubs” and “The Office.” The four players in question chose “Family Matters” and wore wigs and makeup.

Oh, well this isn't nearly as bad as I thought.  It's not like the characters on "Family Matters" were actually black.  Like Urkel for example.  A black nerd?  They could have at least made him good at track or something.

Anyway, this whole ugly situation could have been avoided if the team had just picked different TV shows, or at least assigned the black players on the hockey team to dress up as the Family Matters characters.  There are black players on the hockey team, right?

…right?  Hello? 

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