Hockey Should Be Between A Man And A Woman

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.26.11 6 Comments

Because there’s nothing the Internet loves more than a viral video about a wedding,

On 7-23-2011 Lauren and Wes got married in front of many family and friends, showing their true love and bond between them for the rest of their lives… Yet they we still celebrating the Bruins Stanley Cup Victory in 2011, and this is how they came to enter their wedding reception in and EPIC fashion… We Got The CUP!!!! Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

Not a lot of black people at this wedding, I’m guessing.

Right now the two top thumb-getters in the video’s comments are “awesome job!” and “f**king obnoxious”, which I think are the only ways people can process something self-described as “epic”. Wedding receptions are supposed to be goofy and fun, so it’s not like they danced down the aisle to Chris Brown. Of course, the comments on Puck Daddy (to whom we give an inflatable Stanley Cup tip) expound on the severity of the situation: “Other people’s weddings and other people’s fantasy sports teams/leagues are the most insipid and banal topics of conversation to the vast majority of the population.”

I don’t know which side I’m on. I don’t think this is more less obnoxious than having two people light a single candle to illustrate their love or drinking out of a big cup or stomping on things, and that stuff usually happens during the wedding part. So yeah, good on them for having a good time.

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