A Hockey Player Got Hacked And Sent Dozens Of Tweets About Cheap Sunglasses For Sale

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As far as Twitter hacks go, it could have been worse. Tyler Toffoli, a right wing for the Los Angeles Kings, seems to have been infiltrated by a Japanese sunglasses distributor. His Twitter has spent a better part of the last hour sending tweets in Japanese about great deals on Ray-bans.

Activities! At least Toffoli wasn’t turned into a porn bot asking to be pushed on to some sunglasses or for someone spank his sunglasses.

Some people have been having a laugh at Toffoli, including Michael Latta, who played junior hockey with Toffoli in Ottawa in 2008-09.

Even the Kings account is sticking it to Toffoli.

This is such a classic NHL situation. Even the hacks aren’t as good as they are in other sports. It’s very Canadian. Toffoli isn’t accidentally tweeting anything offensive or some sort of virus; he’s trying to get people a good deal on sunglasses. When the WWE was hacked, some company used it as a marketing ploy.

Knowing hockey players, Toffoli won’t ever hear the end of this from his teammates. He will probably walk into the locker room and immediately hear jokes.

That’s right. His friends on the Kings will definitely toss … shade(s) at him.