Holly Holm Says Floyd Mayweather Is ‘One Of The Greatest Of All-Time’

Since beating Ronda Rousey in devastating fashion at UFC 193, Holly Holm has been on a victory lap of sorts. The new UFC Bantamweight champion has popped up at nearly every big-ticket event in the sports world, including last weeks Clippers-Warriors game in Los Angeles. There, Holm had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Floyd Mayweather Jr., and apparently he made quite the impression.

Fight Hype has long been known as a Floyd-centric and boxing site, so it’s no surprise that when they got the chance to ask Holly a few questions at the Canelo Alvarez-Miguel Cotto fight over the weekend, they found a way to ask her about their chance meeting.

“It was awesome,” Holm said. “Just to be able to meet one of the greatest of all time, you know. He’s the only one that’s ever been able to do it undefeated.”

Of course the ego-centric Mayweather caught wind of Holm’s pleasantries and decided to share them with the world.

Eventually Fight Hype asked Holm about her victory over Rousey in which she responded that “boxing was what kept that domination of the fight.” She also noted that she would “absolutely” give Ronda a rematch, as if Dana White is going to give her much of a choice.

(Via Fight Hype)