Holly Holm Says Ronda Rousey Haters Wouldn’t Even Have The Nerve To Step In The Cage

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11.20.15 4 Comments

It can be tough being an athlete at the top of your sport. Even as tough as Ronda Rousey is, her recent loss had the world mocking her so much she ended up covering her face from the press as she passed through the airport on the way home from Australia.

She’s gotten support from some surprising places, though. Floyd Mayweather has offered to help Rousey rebound after her loss, and new UFC bantanweight champion Holly Holm is also defending her. Here she is on The Dan Patrick Show:

“Any time you’re on top people are gonna wanna talk one way or another. And she’s been very vocal in her career so its easier for people who wanna pick at things. I think she’s strong enough, she can handle that. But I hope people don’t get too brutal with it. This is a hard job to be in … When you get into that Octagon it’s one of the loneliest places in the world cuz it’s only up to you to do it.

“A lot of people wouldn’t even have the nerve to be able to get in and just put it all on the line. Millions of people are watching and you might get knocked out, you might not. You might do well, you might not. But you have to go in and be okay with this and millions of people watching you. And there’s a reason only certain people fight because you’re putting yourself out there. And you know people are going to say something one way or another.”

Holm also reiterated what she said during the post-fight press conference: that she was willing to face Rousey in an immediate rematch if that’s what the UFC wanted to do. She did say she wanted to fight soon though – perhaps sooner than UFC 200 in July, which is when a rematch is expected to take place. Will the UFC risk Holm losing a fight around April just to keep their new champ active and happy? It’s doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

Oh, and bringing things back around to Floyd Mayweather: guess who managed to get his picture taken with the new women’s champ!

(via The Dan Patrick Show)

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