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This is 6'2" senior guard J.J. Ross from Hermiston High School in Oregon throwing down a somewhat good dunk in a game last Friday.

"The next day when we went back to school, they showed all  the kids at class and everybody was amazed by it," said Ross, a 6-2 guard sr. guard with a 38-inch vertical leap. "I've got it on a DVD at my house. I've been replaying it probably like a hundred times."

If you think that's impressive, you should have seen what I did in high school.  I wrote three resolutions that got passed through the Model U.N. Security Council in two days.  Fucking THREE, man.  I condemned the FUCK out of some African genocide.  I totally got laid after that.  It was like three years later and I was in college, but still.  Pretty impressive, right?

[Video from TBL; story via FanHaus

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