Holy Crap, Rick Ankiel

04.17.12 7 years ago 16 Comments

New plan: Instead of making Rick Ankiel choose between pitcher and outfielder, we let him do both at the same time.

I’m a little sad that I wrote the The Dugout Opening Days ’12 strip about the Washington Nationals on Monday afternoon, because if I’d written it on Monday night it would’ve been about Rick Ankiel’s monster strike from center that kept the fastest Houston Astro (Jordan Schafer) from scoring from third on a sac fly. It’s a bit of a disservice to type anything but “holy sh*t” about that throw.

From The Washington Post:

“It came out clean,” Ankiel said. “And it was right on the money.”

Wilson Ramos, standing on home, did not have to move his glove. The throw hit him the chest. The crowd stood and roared.

“I would have called it a strike, that’s for sure,” said Stephen Strasburg, who had run behind the plate to back up the play.

At third base, Ryan Zimmerman and Schafer laughed about what they had just seen. “Everyone knows that it’s kind of predetermined not to test Rick out,” Zimmerman said. “It’s nice to have him on our team.”

Buy him a moped and let him cover the entire outfield by himself. It’d at least be better than when you guys had Nyjer Morgan in center.

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