Holyfield Wants Another Title Shot

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01.20.11 5 Comments

Evander Holyfield is on a mission to become the oldest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. The 48-year old is still pounding away as he seeks to win one of the major boxing titles to surpass George Foreman’s old ass after he defeated Michael Moorer for the title at age 45. On Saturday, Holyfield will fight 38-year old Sherman Williams in West Virginia, and if Holyfield wins, he’ll fight 45-year old Brian Nielsen in Denmark on March 5. Then if he wins that fight, he’ll take on 97-year old Irv Goldblatt in Boca Raton, Florida.

Actually, according to various reports, if Holyfield wins these next two fights, he’ll get his shot to break Foreman’s record, as the WBC (the World Boxing Council and not the World Barista Championship) has agreed to let Holyfield fight current champion Vitali Klitschko (Ed. – Hehehehehehehehehehehe… Klit). And Holyfield believes that people will pay big money to watch this happen.

Are you ready to rummmmmmmmmmmble, Fanhouse?

How much do you believe that a fight between you and either of the Klitschkos would make for you?

I think that we can at least make $20 million apiece. I believe that. I don’t know if I would fight them in Germany. Why would you want to fight them in Germany?

You fight them in America and you’d get it right and you would get the pay per view. I think that Americans would pay the money to see them if they think that they’re going to get whupped.

Klitschko is 39, by the way, which brings the average age of this story to 42. When did heavyweight boxing become NASCAR? Anyway, the Fanhouse interview is pretty interesting for boxing fans – or, if you’re like me, former boxing fans who think the sport has been ridiculous for the past decade, especially in the heavyweight division – and Holyfield seriously believes that he can take down not only Vitali, but his brother and WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, as well as David Haye, England’s WBA champ.

They’re so cute when they’re senile.

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