A Soccer Player Hilariously Impersonated Homer Simpson With This Goal Celebration

West Ham United’s Michail Antonio scored a goal on Saturday during the Hammers’ 1-0 win over Sunderland. With the win, West Ham jumped Manchester United for fifth place in the Premier League and the team is currently four points behind fourth-place Manchester City. Basically, it was a really great day for West Ham, all because Antonio beat Sunderland’s keeper early on in the match.

Soccer players are known for having more fun than most athletes when they celebrate, and after his goal, Antonio kept with that trend. He ran to an area where he had some space to celebrate and decided to do his best impression of Homer Simpson. No, he didn’t grab a bunch of doughnuts and have a mid-match snack – Antonio fell to the ground, laid on his side, and started spinning around in a circle.

While some people may argue about the origin of this celebration (it very well could have been something out of The Three Stooges), Antonio said after the match that this celebration came to him straight from Springfield.

“I watched The Simpsons Movie the other day and I saw Homer do it, and I thought it looked hilarious so I’ll do it if I score,” Antonio said. “It was all planned, I told Nobes, I told Reece – I told all the boys and they said no way I’d do it, but I did! I think I pulled it off!”

If Antonio’s going to do celebrations based on animated movies, we can’t wait for the day that he scores a goal and sings a song from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.