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The Rangers' Great Druggy Hambino Josh Hamilton stole the show even if he didn't win it last night during the Home Run Derby, launching a record 28 [homespun term for home run]s in the opening round though ultimately coming up short in the finals against Justin Morneau. In addition to being besieged by reminders of how truly intimidating it must be to bat in the mystique of Yankee Stadium (Oh my gawd! Lights! People! Professional baseball players aren't used to this!) viewers got a heavy dose of the it's-heartening-because-he's-a-white-guy back story of former heroin addict turned burgeoning star Josh Hamilton. We get it, addiction overcome. The guy was a former no. 1 pick who fucked up and righted the ship. Maybe have him string together a few years of productivity before lionizing him completely.

Hambino put on one of the best shows ever in a Home Run Derby in the opening round, but to hear Rick Reilly drone on with cornball lines like "It's a lousy night to be an athiest!" made it more than a bit difficult to really enjoy.

Also ruining things, per the usual: Yankees fans. Being insufferable dipshits, they wrestled for balls in the stands, started "asshole" chants and lustily booed Evan Longoria and Chase Utley. Lucky for viewers, Chase wasn't letting that go unanswered, as you can see after the jump.

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