Hoo Boy, That’s Classy

08.19.10 8 years ago

Nothing says “I’m a man’s man” like getting a tattoo, and as we all know, the most manly spot for a man’s tattoo is the lower back. He must have really hated his dignity.

“Jimmy, I know that lower-back tattoos are definitely a no-no, especially when it is on a dude! However, the Auburn tattoo has a funny story. That is a buddy of mine here in Cincinnati. He is a true Auburn alum. He took that tattoo as a dare in college and received decent compensation. I went to the West Virginia-Auburn football game with him last year (I am a WVU alum) and you would be surprised how many comments he gets on that thing! I thought in his honor I would at least mention the bet because 1) it is true and 2) it might help gain some of his self-respect back.” So I wrote back to T.J. to find out the compensation. He said, “The tattoo was paid for and he got $200 cash. Not a bad month of partying in college. You have to do a poll to see if people would take that bet to get a tramp stamp of their favorite college football team for $200 and the cost. As a very passionate Mountaineers fan, I would have a tough time making a decision on that.” –Sports Illustrated

$200 will get you somewhere between 10-15 cases of Natty Light these days, but he definitely needs to use some of that money for backne medication. Is $200 worth the looking like you’re engaged to your cousin for the rest of your life? The Abercrombie underwear isn’t helping, either. I see one of their stores at every mall I go to, but have never had the displeasure of going inside. You know when you’re about to pass one because you can smell the AXE from three stores down.

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