Hooray, It's Another Little Kid Crying Over Sports

For some reason, parents think it’s a lot of fun to humiliate their children on the Internet by posting videos of them crying over sports on YouTube. But people seem to love them, so mom and dad just keep the cameras rolling as they tell their little Courvoisier Winetavius Richardsons and Yolanda Supersads that their favorite players are leaving or their most hated teams won and so on and so forth. Call me old-fashioned, but I only like to laugh at crying children who just finished making me a new pair of Oakleys.

Our latest tear machine is a 4-year old boy whose parents informed him that his favorite college basketball player – Syracuse’s Scoop Jardine – is graduating and will not be leading the Orangemen for another NCAA Championship run. Well the boy didn’t like that very much, so he obviously cries and it’s all pretty much paint-by-numbers from there.

This video actually comes with a more happy ending than others, though, as Jardine Tweeted to the boy’s mom that he’d love to meet him, and that gives me an idea to help this meme evolve – Kids crying because their favorite players are jerks to them in person. Come on, Scoop. Don’t let us down.

(Image via the AP, video H/T to The Dagger.)