09.04.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

I leave you tonight in the capable, kind hands of the NFL, which gloriously returns to save me from the depression that the end of summer would otherwise cause. The kickoff game is Redskins at Giants, with coverage starting at 7:00 Eastern on NBC. In the grand scheme of things, it kinda sucks, because the Giants are one of the last teams in the NFL who don’t have cheerleaders. Homos. But still: whatever man, it’s pro football.

In case you’re not appropriately stoked for this God-sent moment, I direct you to the return of Big Daddy Drew’s Jamboroo column on Deadspin, and also to Kissing Suzy Kolber, which will be hosting a live blog/chat (your comments welcome! if they don’t suck!) starting at 6:45.  I’ll try to make an appearance there, but I may be a bit busy being drunk and wandering throught the streets in glee.

Lastly, since this is the official NFL season thread: my Super Bowl pick is Patriots over the… uhh… NFC team?  Packers?  Yeah, sure, the Packers.  It’s a win-win: I’m either right, or I get to enjoy the delicious power of the With Leather jinx.

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