Hope Solo Is Basically The Soccer Amanda Bynes

04.25.13 5 years ago 22 Comments
Hope Solo phone number

"I'm not naked! I TRICKED YOU into thinking I was! Point, Solo."

Back in 2011, Hope Solo was the greatest. She was helping sell women’s soccer to America and posing nude in ESPN The Magazine with a garden hose, simultaneously taking the world by storm as both sports hero and sex symbol. She was an awesome combination of talent and gigantic beauty, and it was fun to write about her on the Internet.

After that, things started to get … complicated. She went on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ but ultimately claimed the show was rigged and that her partner had physically abused her. She married NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens, a guy previously convicted with assault and accused of rape, immediately after he’d been taken in for assaulting her. She also sorta ratted out everyone in the Olympics.

In 2013, Hope continues her slow descent into being the soccer Amanda Bynes by (accidentally?) tweeting her phone number, then using it as an excuse to tell us we are stupid.

Cool social experiment you just played, Hope!

Roughly 20 minutes later, she decided that “you have my old phone number, suck it, idiots” wasn’t good enough. Now you’ve NEVER had her phone number, you’ve been calling a hair stylist all along (a hair stylist Hope Solo knows who suddenly has her old phone number, I guess?) and you’re the victim of extended April Fools.

If she’d added a #PSYCH, it might’ve been the perfect tweet for a celebrity pretending to pull a fast one, or get hacked or whatever.

Sports celebrities, if you’re reading this, sometimes it’s okay to say “whoops, I messed up. Time to get a new phone!” People make mistakes. We are mot in fifth grade, and we will still think you’re great at soccer if you make some bad decisions. We’ve all messed up a direct message at least once in out Twitter careers, right?

[h/t to The Victory Formation]

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