08.21.08 10 years ago

At the 2007 Women's World Cup held in China, then-U.S. coach Greg Ryan benched red-hot goalkeeper Hope Solo in favor of creaky monolith Brianna Scurry in the semifinals against Brazil for reasons that made sense to morons.  In the wake of the team's 4-0 embarrassment, Solo got branded as a diva for being honest about her coach making the wrong decision. "It was the wrong decision and anyone who knows anything about the game knows that," Solo said at the time.

Today, Solo was the centerpiece of the Americans' win over Brazil for the Olympic gold medal.  Team USA got outplayed by the Brazilians for long stretches of the game, and Solo's saves kept the Americans in the game long enough for Carli Lloyd to get the decisive goal in (read more at the Bog's live blog).

I hope the lesson here is clear: if you have a young blond chick with a Star Wars name on your team, you let her play.  And also see if she's be down for wearing a metal bikini and a collar chained to your dais.  You know, just in case she's into Star Wars.  Or being chained up.  Hey, you'll never know unless you ask.

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