Horse Names Get Better And Better

03.07.11 8 years ago 6 Comments

By now you’re probably familiar with the Ocean Park, New Jersey horse race clip that made the rounds last year, featuring two horses with the disagreeing names Mywifenoseverything and Thewifedoesntknow. But now an older race video is also getting some attention because of a horse with a much simpler and equally great name – Arrrrr.

This 2008 race at the Saratoga Race Course has already been a big hit with horse racing fans, and the announcer Tom Durkin is a bit of a legend, but since I prefer my animal competitions to feature angry, starving turtles, I’ve clearly never seen this video before. Arrrrr (a local legend according to Wikipedia) runs in the back for most of the race, but the horse gets fired up and so does Durkin, leading to what sounds like a cross between an excited pirate and a stroke victim.

Video after the jump…

(Via Fark)

Bonus points for the owner of the horse Five Demon Bag, because I’m hoping that, although incorrect, it’s a Big Trouble In Little China reference. Every sport should have more of Egg Shen’s wisdom:

Tony Stewart: “Guys, my car is leaking something all over… That is not water!”
Crew Chief Darian Grubb: “Black blood of the Earth.”
Tony Stewart: “Do you mean oil?”
Crew Chief Darian Grubb: “I mean black blood of the Earth!”

Miguel Cabrera: “What’s in the flask, Egg? Magic potion?”
Bartender: “Yeah.”
Miguel Cabrera: “Thought so, good. What do we do, drink it?”
Bartender: “Yeah!”
Miguel Cabrera: “Good! Thought so.”

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