06.11.07 11 years ago 12 Comments

Mmmmm… horse racing and archery — two great tastes that go great together!  Yes, at long last, Hungarian master Lajos Kassai has reinvigorated the ancient Mongolian practice of horseback archery as a sport.

The archery technique used in the sport is the more than two thousand year old instinctive archery rather then [sic] the 50 year old modern archery, that lays the emphasis on the equipment, using more and more devices on the bow such as arrow rest, sight, [and] stabilizers. Shooting from the middle of the chest might be a disadvantage on the ground but it is the only successful method from horseback.

Well, this is disappointing.  When I heard they combined horseback riding and archery, I figured everyone in the stands at the Belmont Stakes got a bow and arrow to fire at the track.  But I guess that would break some kind of law for being too awesome or something.

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