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Some stupid woman was riding around on this stupid horse when she fell off because she's stupid then the horse fell on its stupid head because it's stupid too.

Jockey Anna-Katharina Bromann and her mount Schattenlady were racing in an event in Hanover when the horse’s saddle began slipping down its flank.

Clearly agitated, the horse crashed into the race course’s safety rails, throwing Bromann from the saddle in the process. But to the amazement of race-goers, Schattenlady ran back onto the track and threw herself head over heels.

Then someone was all, "Oh, thank goodness the horse was okay! It's such a beautiful magnificent anim–OOF!"  They said OOF! because I hit them in the back of the head with a lead pipe.  Horses are fucking idiots.  They're big giant animals with sharp hooves that freak out any time someone sneezes.  If horses are so great, why do little girls and rich white people like them so much?  Those demographics like boy bands and wearing pastel golf shirts.  

[Telegraph UK via SbB, inspired by Horse Hater

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