Hot Reporter Upset About Being Hot

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09.15.10 24 Comments

SEXY UPDATE: For those of you that missed the gallery, enjoy. We’ll have more sports shortly.

In today’s reporter-turning-themselves-into-news news, TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz has complained to Roger Goodell and the NFL that New York Jets players made lewd and suggestive comments at her during the team’s practices she covered in New Jersey. And if you’ve survived the shock of that sentence, there’s so much more. Sainz recently Tweeted en espanol that she was “dying of embarrassment” because of the catcalls she received. Surprisingly, her complaint features no mention of Rex Ryan demanding burritos.

Goodell and his gentleman Gestapo are investigating Sainz’s allegations and the Jets apparently discussed the matters in their team meeting last night. Jets owner Woody Johnson personally called Sainz to get her side of the story. Upon greeting her, he said, “Hello Ines, this is Woody Johnson. Woody, like a boner. Johnson, like a boner.”

ASYLUM POLL: Did Sainz bring that harassment upon herself?

Respect my blogging skills for the quality of my dick jokes and not for the size of my bulge, NY Daily News:

Linebacker Jason Taylor reportedly volunteered for the passing drill in hopes of getting near Sainz. Defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman fueled the antics, tossing pigskins in Sainz’s direction.

Nose tackle Kris Jenkins shouted: “Don’t let her act like she doesn’t know English. She speaks English.”

Ay dios mio! Que terrible?!?! In all seriousness, Jason Taylor volunteering to practice? What’s next – Ben Roethlisberger using a men’s room?

The story cites multiple Tweets from Sainz complaining about being in a men’s locker room and how she dressed appropriately at the team’s practice. She claims she wore jeans and a white button-up blouse. Hmmmm, white button-up blouse in the New Jersey heat… twenty bucks says Mark Sanchez’s passer rating was lower than the distance of her nearest bra.

Indeed, she should be treated just like male reporters. Male reporters who wear skin tight capri pants and tied-up white button-up blouses. In the meantime, TV Azteca has reassigned Ines to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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