The Houston Astros’ Mascot Tried To Slide Into Kate Upton’s DMs

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After some fireworks, Justin Verlander approved a trade to the Houston Astros on Thursday evening, and the long-time Detroit Tigers starting pitcher will be changing squads for the first time in his career. While that is a significant story in itself, Verlander’s new affiliation was made more interesting by a move…from the Houston Astros mascot.

Two years ago, “Orbit” elected to shoot his shot in the direction of Verlander’s fiancee, supermodel Kate Upton.

Given that the internet is written in ink, the tweet in question was unearthed by many in the aftermath of the trade, and the reality that Verlander was now a member of the Astros. On cue, “Orbit” attempted to smooth things over by issuing a plea for friendship.

This is, of course, hilarious, and it is a reminder that tweets (even less than serious ones) can come back to bite you months or even years, after the fact. It remains to be seen if Upton’s policies for pre-start activities will be making their way from Detroit to Houston, but there might be a bit of awkwardness when Verlander reports to his new locker room and has the pleasure of facing the team’s mascot for the first time.