The Houston Astros Visited ‘SNL’ And Became Friends With New Baseball Fan Leslie Jones

The Houston Astros won the World Series earlier this week by going into Los Angeles and pouncing on the Dodgers during Game 7. It was a culmination to what was a magical year for the team, as the Astros spent the 2017 MLB season just mashing baseballs en route to the first World Series win in franchise history.

Now that the dust has settled on the game and the team had its championship parade through the streets of Houston, three of their biggest stars used their Saturday night trying to convince Leslie Jones to become something of an Astros fan. Jones went onto Weekend Update to discuss her newfound love of baseball “for all the wrong reasons.”

Jones said she is a “die-hard fan” of the New York Yankees and got bummed out when Colin Jost asked her about the Astros beating them in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series.

“I was mad as hell,” Jones said, before remarking that shortstop Jose Altuve’s bat is bigger than he is and outfielder George Springer’s name makes him sound like a “goofy mattress salesman.” Altuve, Springer, and third baseman Alex Bregman then showed up to hook Jones up with plenty of Astros gear so she could, as Bregman said, “hop on the bandwagon.”

Jones then hilariously denounced her Yankee fandom before congratulating the team, sitting down in her chair, and having Altuve sit in her lap while remarking that “good things do come in small packages.” Seeing as how Altuve is the favorite to win the American League MVP award, she’s certainly not wrong.