Houston’s Coaches Did A Brilliant ‘Office Space’ Parody For National Signing Day

The Houston Cougars football program crushed it on National Signing Day. Not only did head coach Tom Herman put together a heck of a class that featured 5-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver, but the Cougars were brilliant on social media, bringing in everyone from Paul Wall To J.J. Watt to help out. To top it all off, Herman and Co. did a brilliant parody of “Office Space” by completely destroying a fax machine.

The parody references the part in the movie when the three main characters—Peter Gibbons, Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton—go postal on a printer (warning: NSFW language below).

So why the fax machine? It’s a longstanding, but totally outdated, tradition for new signees to send their National Letter of Intent on signing day via fax. Technology is such now that fax machines are useless, but schools keep using them anyway. In a way, the fax machine has sort of become a parody of itself.

It also makes sense that Houston would choose this specific scene because the song—”Still”—is by the Houston-based rap group Geto Boys. Whether this was intentional isn’t known, but it all works together perfectly. Of course, Houston had to use the background music and cut out the lyrics, but the effect is the same.

(Via Houston Athletics)